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As a collaborative, BUMFACK Co. exists to create dialog exploring different cultural ways of object making.


Specifically, we are interested in the western tradition of the individual artist existing alongside the eastern method of mass-production. What is the basis of value that has been assigned to this precious material?

We aim to reproduce original work created by “famous” ceramicists to address the ideas of authenticity and value in a factory-like setting. These knock-offs are unfired and painted; voided of the functionality assigned by their original creators. In a sense, we are creating inherently contradictory work: copied, rendered valueless and then reassigned new meaning through our own craftsmanship. We are interested in furthering the dialogue on authenticity and value in regards to our ceramic community. What makes what we do so special?

2015 / Northern Lights Festival partnered with Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN

2014 / N.C.E.C.A. (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts), Project Space: Material World, Milwaukee, WI

A collaboration with Kevin R. Kao.


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